Wyoming Wheat Weather Monitoring

We are using Onset weather stations with the Hobo RX3000 to  monitor weather at 4   winter wheat variety trial sites and one on-farm trial, located across Southeast Wyoming. This weather information will be compared to variety performance in the trials in order to aid producers in making better variety choices when planting.


Real-time weather data

All the stations are set up to transmit data at 30 minute intervals over the cellular network. Data can be accessed in real-time at the links to the right.

Wheat Weather Monitoring Site links
     -Approx. 10 mi. east of Hawk Springs, WY 
     -Rd 32 and Rd 63/ Nebraska Cty. Rd 1
     -Approx. 22 mi. west of Hawk Springs, WY 
      on WY State Hwy. 313
     -South of Albin, WY
     -Road 225 and Rd 156
     -North of Pine Bluffs, WY
     -Albin Road and Rd 220
     - Near Egbert, WY
     - South of I-25, east of exit 391
For more information on the research project, check out the 2015 UW Ag Research Station Field Days Bulletin. Go to page 80 for the Weather monitoring in winter wheat variety trials report.