Tim Anderson was raised on a 4th generation farm, which was homesteaded by his great grandfather in 1887. He is currently in partnership with his father on a 5500 acre farm in southwest Wyoming raising wheat, pinto beans, oats and hay millet seed. The farm consists of 850 acres of irrigated land and the balance of the ground is dry land production.

Tim has a certified seed business to help market his crops along with a small trucking company.

He attended the University of Wyoming majoring in crop science before returning to the farm fulltime.

Tim has served on the following board: Wyoming Wheat Growers for 11 years of which he was President for two years; Laramie County FSA Committee for 10 years of which he was Chairman for four years; Laramie County Underground Advisory Water Board for eight years, and Wyoming Wheat Commission for seven years of which he is currently Chairman.

Tim Anderson at the Lien Awa Industrial Corporation flour mill.

Tim Anderson
5720 Rd. 225
Albin, WY 82050